Waitress puts up with rude customer for years – then he dies and the unthinkable happens

Treat others how you want to be treated yourself. It’s a saying we’ve all heard countless times before and should really be mindful of each day.

Take the case of waitress Melina Salazar — her story shows the true value of being kind to others, however they might treat you.

To describe customer Walter “Buck” Swords as “cantankerous” is an understatement. The war veteran regularly visited Melina’s restaurant, where he complained, fussed and even cussed at the servers for years. In fact he was so rude to the servers at Luby’s restaurant in Brownsville, Texas, that most refused to serve him.

Except for Melina, who treated all her customers the same — with a friendly smile and an intention to make their dining experience as happy as possible.


Every day during these years, Melina treated the 89-year-old man with the same warmth she showed all of her customers. She served his food exactly how he requested it — piping hot — and took every opportunity to be kind to the grumpy senior.

The two came to rely on each other. Melina looked out for her regular customer and Buck knew that each time he visited the restaurant he’d be met with the same warm smile from his regular server.

But one day Buck didn’t show up at the restaurant and his faithful server became worried. Fearing the worse, Melina started looking through death notices in the local newspaper and confirmed what she had dreaded: Buck had died.


The following day a lawyer showed up at the restaurant looking for Melina. The two sat down and start talking and the conversation went from polite chat to a serious matter involving Buck. The lawyer told the warmhearted waitress how Buck had often talked about his favorite server, how warm and friendly she was and how he always looked forward to visiting the restaurant because of her.

But what the lawyer told her next was something she never expected.

Buck not only thought the world of her, but also left part of his estate to her: $50,000 and a car. Melina couldn’t believe the news and became very emotional.

This story is proof that good deeds are always rewarded – sometimes in the most unexpected way.

I hope this wonderful person can inspire all of us to look beyond human weaknesses and strive to treat each other with warmth and respect, no matter the odds.

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