Warning from Consumer Agency: used baby strollers made by this common brand can be deadly

If you’re the parent of a baby or a toddler, you probably weren’t paying attention to stories about stroller recalls back in 2009. And you probably don’t remember hearing about children getting their fingers cut off by dangerous strollers back then, either.

While this might seem like old news, many of the strollers in question are still in circulation around the world. And now, Sweden’s Consumer Agency has issued a new warning to inform parents who might not have seen these years-old notices.

On Monday, the Swedish Consumer Agency put out an official warning to everyone who owns or is thinking of buying a used Maclaren stroller. According to the agency, folding Maclaren strollers manufactured before 2009 should be regarded as dangerous, as they can amputate a child’s fingers.

Can sever a child’s fingers

In an post on the the Swedish Consumer Agency’s official Facebook page, the agency writes that the danger comes when a child’s fingers get caught in the strollers’ folding mechanism.

Konsumentverket varnar för Maclaren paraplysulky tillverkade före november 2009 och uppmanar konsumenter som har en så…

Posted by Konsumentverket on Monday, 26 February 2018

“Common on the Used Market”

The Swedish Consumer Agency says that many old folding Maclaren strollers are still available on online marketplaces around the world, where they are sold without warning.

“These durable strollers are still used and are common on the used market,” the Consumer Agency writes in a press release.

Most parents probably don’t know this valuable information. Please share it with them. You never know — you just might save a child from a horrible tragedy.