What one mom did with her child’s school pencils melts a teacher’s heart and goes viral

When we send our kids off to school each day, we have no idea what the day has in store for them or how they feel about spending all day with their teachers and classmates away from home, especially when they’re little.

Most kids know when they’re loved but a little reminder throughout their day doesn’t hurt.

One parent took this to a whole new level when she sent her son off to school. Not only did her effort make her son’s school day but also moved a teacher so much she had to share it on social media. Little did she know the response she was about to get.


Amanda Cox from Beaumont, Texas was teaching her class when she asked her children to share their pencils as her supply was running low.

“Today I was running low on pencils so I asked all of my kids to pull out any of my pencils that they had in their desks. I had one student ask me if he could keep his pencils that his mom gave him for school,” she shared on Facebook.

‘Melted my heart’

She agreed, and the young boy then decided he wanted to share a few of them with his classmates.

Later, while Amanda was sharpening the pencils, she noticed there were handwritten messages on them; “what I read melted my heart,” she added.

Today I was running low on pencils so I asked all of my kids to pull out any of my pencils that they had in their desks….

Gepostet von Amanda Cox am Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2018

Amanda noted that the boy wasn’t embarrassed by these pencils, rather he was confident and enthusiastic, so much so that he “wanted to share the same feeling with his classmates.”

She added, “THESE are the things that we should be reminding our kids (both parents AND teachers). Imagine the look on a child’s face when they are reminded that they are important, talented, loved, knowledgeable and so much more.”

‘Believe in them’

Amanda encourages everyone to find ways to remind their children that they are special.

“Help them know that someone believes in them and is proud of them in everything they do. Even if you think it is cheesy or you don’t have enough time or that you will have little impact, remember that you may be the only one telling and reminding them these things and EVERY kid needs to know their value,” she added.

Amanda’s Facebook post attracted more than 200,000 likes and 140,000 shares in just one week after posting.

Every child needs to be reminded of how special they are. It gives them the confidence to do well and be kind to others.

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