Woman boasts that her son makes fun of autistic boy, to the horror of her co-workers

I often wonder what the home life of a kid that bullies others looks like.

It’s common for kids that bully to have learned that behavior at home either from older siblings or in some sad cases their parents.

When a woman was sitting with her co-workers sharing stories about their kids one mom revealed, to the horror of her co-workers, that her son makes fun of a boy with autism and said it was “hilarious.”

Nobody else shared her view that this was hilarious but one mom was trying to hold back the tears as her son has autism.

Kate Swenson’s son Cooper has severe, nonverbal autism and she understands the challenges and the joy of raising a child with special needs.

As she listened in horror to her co-worker proudly admit that her son did this she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

‘My son makes fun of the autistic boy’

“The conversation kept evolving and I was having the best time. I love hearing about other people’s kids and what I have to look forward to,” Kate explained in a post on Today’s Parenting Team site.

“And then one of the ladies said the following: ‘My son makes fun of the autistic boy in his class and it’s hilarious.'”

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Kate said the group went completely silent and everybody stopped laughing and turned to the woman sharing the story.

“I must have heard her wrong. No one would think this let alone say it out loud,” Kate wrote.

‘He has the flap down perfectly’

“And she continued without fear,” Kate said of her co-worker as she heard the horror of what this woman said her son did and how funny she found it.

She said her co-worker continued: “My son has the whole act down. He covers his ears and repeats words and even does a hand twitch. He has the flap down perfectly.

“My stomach dropped,” Kate said adding. “I started repeating to myself, ‘Do not cry. Do not cry. Do not cry.'”

Kate wrote her son Cooper does the same and one of her greatest fears is that he would be bullied for it.

‘She flapped her arms quickly’

Despite nobody responding to the woman or laughing with her she continued to show everyone the impression her son did of the boy at his school with autism.

“Sure as hell she flapped her arms quickly. Like Cooper does when he is excited and joyful,” Kate described.

“It then dawned on me. Not only does her son make fun of the autistic boy, she does too.

“A grown woman. A woman with kids. A woman raising children that will go out into the world.”

Brave mom Kate decided to share her unique experiences and challenges raising a son with autism and started a Facebook page called Finding Cooper’s Voice which has more than half a million followers.

Kate also writes a blog which acts as a platform for other parents of children with autism to share their stories.

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We must all stand side by side with parents and support all children in their struggles.

I hope this co-worker was made to understand that what she was doing and allowing her child to do is not acceptable.

Everyone is different and our differences should be celebrated not mocked.

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