Woman caught in floods calls family to say a last goodbye, then a stranger reaches out his hand

The world is getting an even scarier place when it comes to weather; now residents in some parts of the U.S. just expect a hurricane every year as it’s become the norm.

With the arrival of fall some parts of the U.S. gets ready for possible flooding as you just never know when heavy rains will turn into a flood. Sadly, at this time of year there are heartbreaking stories of people who have got caught in these floods and didn’t make it.

A woman from Blairs, Virginia, was driving to work when she got caught in floodwaters. She was convinced that she wasn’t going to make it and called her family to say goodbye. Then the hand of a stranger came just in time and saved her life.



“I called my husband and my kids to tell them goodbye and that I loved them,” Kim Drawdy told WSET ABC 13. “I hit a wall of water and immediately started floating towards the riverbank.”

Twitter/Hannah McComsey

Kim managed to get out of her car and was then struggling through the strong current, trying to get through debris for 20 minutes.  That’s when a man named Billy Wilson came to her rescue.

“I fell into his arms and started bawling like a baby because he just saved my life,” Kim told WSET.

Twitter/Hannah McComsey

According to Kim, her good samaritan Billy had also tried to save another woman caught up in flood waters. Sadly, Mitchell didn’t make it and Kim said that Billy “dropped to his knees … heartbroken because he was not able to get to her.”

Thankfully, Drawdy’s story has a happy ending, and there is no doubt her husband and children are grateful for the kind man who saved their loved one.

To thank this amazing man for saving her life Kim has started a GoFundMe page for him explaining on Facebook:  “I’m trying to help him get straight after the storm the best way I can. Thank you for all who donate… every little bit will help. This young man and his little girl.”

Posted by Kim Sheets Drawdy on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

What a hero Billy is!

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