Woman suddenly finds out blood donor who saved her life 11 years ago is now her husband

When Lin Xiaofen passed out, over a decade ago, she was rushed to hospital, her condition was critical.

She was diagnosed with a blood disorder and hospital staff had to work fast to save her. Thankfully, her life was saved after she received a blood donation, according to Huanqiu.com.

It happened while she was in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Years later she was living in a northern city in Taiwan where she met the love of her life Lian Zhicheng.
When the topic of her near death experience came up, little did Lin know the startling connection she would have with her boyfriend.


Lian, from Taiwan, has donated blood regularly since he was 20 years old because he knows it can help save lives.

Seven years after Lin’s traumatic experience she returned to Hsinchu, a city in northern Taiwan, to take over her family business. She met Lian and they soon became a couple.

One day, they were talking about Lin’s near-death experience and Lian joked, “Could it be my blood that you used?”

‘Save your future wife’

She requested information about her blood donor from the local blood station

In a TV interview Lin said she was shocked when she was told her blood donor was in fact Lian Zhicheng from Hsinchu. Lian said he could feel a telepathic connection between him and Lin before they made the discovery.

Lian encouraged the public to donate blood because “you might have a chance to save your future wife.”

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