Woman gives birth to 10 lb baby in front seat of car while husband records it

For most women remembering the moment they gave birth can be a tough memory to recall clearly. Your mind is completely focused on getting your baby out safely and managing contractions.

But for Lesia Pettijohn she will forever be able to look back on the birth of her third child after her husband Jon recorded the entire delivery – from the front seat of their car.

The Texas couple were on their way to the hospital after Lesia went into labor but during the drive to the birthing center in Pasadena, her baby couldn’t wait.

 “I was pretty much freaking out. I was not wanting to have him [in the car],” Lesia said of the moment she realized her baby wasn’t going to wait until she got to hospital.

Woman Gives Birth To 10lb Baby In Car While Husband Films And ...

“It was difficult for me to stay calm. It definitely helped that [Jon] was calm,” Lesia told TODAY.

As the couple didn’t have a cell phone her husband started to record the delivery of baby boy Josiah on his GoPro camera. Now the video has been watched by 63 million people after the couple posted it on YouTube.

In the video Jon can be heard helping Lesia, giving her instructions during the birth.

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“He’s breathing, if he’s crying, he’s breathing, but hold him upside down, babe. Hold him upside down and pat him on the booty,” he said after Josiah was delivered.

The couple said they wanted to record the birth as they don’t have any recordings of the birth of their two older girls.

Watch the delivery in the clip below. Some viewers may find the footage graphic.

Such a beautiful moment this couple will forever be able to look back on. These babies grow up so fast, it’s so important to record the amazing moments.

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