Woman reunited with her brother after 30 years – discovers her mom had another secret

We may not always get on with our siblings but we wouldn’t be without them, nobody understands us better.

Growing up you always have someone to talk to and share a special bond that cannot be broken.

But for those siblings, that are separated at birth it’s heartbreaking to think they never had a chance to grow up together.

When Christina Housel decided to find out more about the mom who put her up for adoption, she was shocked to find she had a brother — but that wasn’t the only surprise in store for her.


When Christina, who grew up in Washington, had a family she decided to find out more about her biological family.

She was shocked to discover she had a brother and after 30 years apart and not knowing about each other, she knew what she had to do.

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Lyle James Berryman, who lives in Arizona, also had no idea that Christina existed and didn’t quite believe her.

Mom revealed secret on her deathbed

“I think he was pretty skeptical,” Christina told Inside Edition.

But when the two met for the first time, it was obvious they were related.

“When I saw [her] photo, I knew she was my sister,” Lyle said. “She looks like me.”

But their meeting was tainted with sadness as Christina discovered her biological mom had passed.

Lyle knew his mother growing up and was able to reveal something their mom had confessed to him on her deathbed.

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Lyle was told he had twin sisters who had also been adopted at birth.

The two decided to do all they could to find their sisters so took to Facebook to post an appeal.

Christina’s read: “Just met after 30 years.” Lyle added: “Still looking for twin girls born in Florida around May or April 1992-94.”

Thousands shared the photo and eventually it reached the sisters who had been adopted more than two decades ago.

Facebook/Christina Housel

Twins Lauren Rutherford and Ashley Bo couldn’t wait to meet the brother and sister they never knew they had.

The four of them had an emotional reunion with drinks and plenty of photos taken. The twins even got to see pictures of their biological mom for the first time.

“It just kind of hits you because you are actually looking at her pictures,” an emotional Ashley told Inside Edition.

Watch their incredible reunion in the video below.

Christina went from thinking she was an only child to meeting her three siblings!

I hope this is just the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship with them all.

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