Woman rushes to ER thinking she has kidney stones – 30 minutes later, she delivers a baby

When 22-year-old Ally Opfer was rushed to hospital with severe stomach cramps, it was a shock to everyone.

The Ohio-based student and cheerleading coach thought it was menstrual cramps, but her actual diagnosis couldn’t have been further from this.

Just 30 minutes after she was admitted to hospital, in December 2016, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy she called Oliver.

The 22-year-old was experiencing hours of contractions and couldn’t believe it when doctors broke the news.

“I was just shocked and didn’t really believe it. My face, my mom said, just went completely white,” Ally told Inside Edition.

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Had so much fun in the sun with you two ?

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Ally had just 30 minutes to process the shocking news before her baby boy arrived.

Pregnancy tests were negative

Ally said she was used to her periods being irregular and had even taken several pregnancy tests which had come back negative.

She had labored throughout the night at her Ohio home thinking something was horribly wrong. When she started screaming in pain her parents rushed her to hospital.

According to Yahoo News, “Ally had preeclampsia and her baby was breech, so she was rushed in for an emergency C-section.”

In the early hours of the morning Ally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and the first boy to be born in their family in 43 years, according to Yahoo News.

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Last Christmas, I went in to the hospital not expecting this to be the outcome. I went in with horrible abdominal pains and long story short, was told I was in labor (after numerous tests) and had absolutely no idea I was pregnant. I panicked and didn’t know how I’d be able to handle becoming a mom so suddenly. 30 minutes after finding out i was pregnant, I was holding my baby boy. I instantly fell in love and have never looked back. I’m a full time college student and knew I needed to go back to class that next semester (only three weeks after giving birth and still recovering from a c-section), to continue my education so some day I would have a solid career and be able to give my son the world. I’m still a college student so winning this would mean the world. Being a single mom is tough, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! My son was the best Christmas present ever and now I’d like to give him the best Christmas ever! #jaclynhillchristmas #SubscriberSinceDayOne

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Ally was still in shock after giving birth and her body was recovering. She even suffered postpartum depression.

But, despite all of this, just a few weeks later she went back to school that next semester.

‘Truly lucky’

Today her sweet son is a toddler and the bond they share is very strong.

“Even though I wasn’t expecting to have a baby any time soon, I was so happy to have him. I’m truly lucky!”

“I didn’t realize how much I needed him until I had him, he’s changed me completely” Ally told Inside Edition.

It’s amazing what women can adapt to; clearly Ally gets so much strength from being a mom and we wish these two all the best for a very happy future.

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