Woman sees letter stuck between the floorboards – then reads the words that make her heart stop

Buying an old home and uncovering its hidden treasures and untold stories can be fascinating. And how, decades after the fact, you can discover something that makes your heart stop.

Just imagine how Melissa Fahy must have felt when, during a renovation, she found something between the floor boards of her home … which dated back to World War II.

Melissa Fahy and her husband were in the process of renovating their house in New Jersey when she noticed something in the corner of her eye.

Between the floor boards of the ceiling she found a yellow piece of paper. And when she unfolded the paper and saw it was a letter, which was 72 years old, Melissa’s heart skipped a beat.

melissa fahy, lapp, rolf e christoffersen

The letter dated back to May 1945, during World War II … and it was not just any letter. In her hands Melissa held a love letter from Virginia Christoffersen – addressed to her husband Rolf E. Christoffersen; at the time a Norwegian Navy sailor.

Virginia wrote: “I love you Rolf, as I love the warm sun, and that is what you are to my life, the sun about which everything else revolves for me.”

melissa fahy, lapp, rolf e christoffersen

Melissa was so moved that she felt compelled to return this beautiful note to its rightful owner. She posted it on Facebook and soon found the Christoffersen famiy.

Rolf E. Christoffersen, 96-years old and a widow, couldn’t believe the find — a wonderful memory of his beloved wife.

Melissa met the California family via FaceTime and got to see the couple’s daughter read the letter he never got. When Melissa saw Rolf and her family’s reaction to the letter, she could not hold the tears back.

melissa fahy, lapp, rolf e christoffersen
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If you had any doubts about true love standing the test of time then watch the video below:

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