Woman spots homeless man freezing in snow – buys him the warmest coat she can find

I love everything about the holiday season: The beautiful lights, the cheery songs and the festive mood that resonates where ever you go. I even love the cold! It’s so cosy to wrap up warm and build a snowman, or to huddle up inside your house and enjoy the beautiful snow-covered views.

But of course, the festive season only brings more hardship to those who don’t have a roof and four walls to call home. It’s hard enough sleeping rough, but when temperatures dip below freezing, many homeless people don’t have warm clothing to protect them against the cold.

That’s why, when the woman in the clip below spotted a man walking around in the snow without a coat, she turned her car around and did the only right thing.

In a post on Facebook page Love What Matters, the woman wrote that she saw the man walking down the street wearing no coat. It was 18 degrees outside.

“I drove to Burlington Coat Factory and bought the warmest coat I could find,” she writes. “I sped back in hopes he was still there, and he was! Nobody should ever be without a coat in this weather. I put it on him, zipped it up, gave him a hug and wished him a Merry Christmas.”

You can see the woman’s kind gesture in the clip below. Just look how thankful this man is that someone stopped to help:

Just imagine if we all performed just one simple good deed like this woman. It doesn’t take much to reach out to someone, but it can mean the world to them.

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