Woman takes grandma with dementia to nursing home, hears 6 words that instantly crush her heart

For those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, life is a challenge.

They don’t just lose their grip on reality and stop recognizing their loved ones, but also struggle to express their feelings properly.

So when Lillie Downing took her grandmother to a nursing home that specializes in dementia (something she’s struggled with for years), Lillie tried to make sure that her grandmother was comfortable with it all.

But she had no idea that another resident would make her grandmother’s arrival a welcome one in the most heartwarming way.


Lillie shared this wonderful story on Twitter about visiting the nursing home with her grandmother that day.

She wrote:

“Took my nan to her new care home today that’s for people with dementia, she met a lady who had the same name as her and they held hands the whole time they watched TV, the lady on the left (gladys) repeatedly said to my nan ‘don’t worry you’ve got me now.”


Instead of letting Lillie’s grandmother feel lonely and uncomfortable in her new home, fellow resident Gladys did her best to make sure everything went well.

And although she probably also has some form of dementia, Gladys realized that Lillie’s grandma needed a helping hand. She met her with a warm heart and warm smile.

This is the kind of love and solidarity we need more of in the world!

Imagine if everyone treated others like Gladys treated Lillie’s grandmother? The world would be a better place, wouldn’t it?

Lillie’s heartwarming story has been liked and shared by hundreds of thousands of people, and it’s obvious that dementia is a problem that millions of families around the world are forced to deal with.

Most people who have some type of dementia or other memory disorder need support and help in everyday life. Thanks to Gladys for understanding this and thanks to Lillie for sharing this story. Please share it on Facebook if you were also touched by it!