The woman is tired of her gray hair – she undergoes a transformation and the results are unbelievable

When Susan decided she was tired of her gray curly hair, she knew there was only one person who could make her feel like a new woman again.

So, she traveled from Wisconsin, with her sister, to get help from The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins. All she told Christopher was that she wanted a new look. He did not have to take into account length, color or style – just that he had to make her feel beautiful again!

The first thing Christopher did when Susan arrived was to interview her.

He wanted to know how Susan felt and what she desired for her new look. In talking to Christopher it was clear that her gray hair was a kind of  blanket that shielded Susan’s sweet personality and drew attention away from her infectious smile!

Susan gave Christopher free rein and the first thing he did was decide on a new hair color.

But Susan had no idea the transformation that Christopher was about to perform on her. The end result is so glamorous and nothing like Susan expected!

Take a look at the results below and prepare yourself for an amazing transformation.

What a fabulous transformation! Although it’s not all about the outside, it’s obvious that Susan felt really good about her stunning new look and getting pampered.

I think she looks amazing. Do you agree? Share if you also thought this makeover was awesome!