Woman unexpectedly gives birth in Denny’s and two truckers step in and save her baby’s life

Kaycee Triana seemed to have everything in order when she went into labor; her sister drove her to the hospital planning to collect their mother from her place of work on the way. But little did she know that her baby had other plans.

The expectant mom from Colorado, was two weeks overdue when she went into labor in 2013. Her sister drove her to the hospital with plans to pick her mom up from Denny’s, but when they arrived their mom had already left for the hospital.

Kaycee had been visiting her family in Arkansas when she went into labor and upon stopping at Denny’s she realized that her mother Suzanne Nettles was already on her way to the hospital, hoping to meet her daughters there.

The expectant mom had no time to get back into the car and continue her journey to the hospital as baby was ready to come out.

“Pretty much as soon as she walked in, she had a baby,” Suzanne told NBC6.

Thanksgiving miracle: Kaycee Triana's baby boy was born within minutes of her arriving at an Arkansas Denny's

“I assumed they went to the hospital, but they went to Denny’s.”

When Kaycee, who has another son, Chris, and her sister entered the restaurant and realized their mother wasn’t there it was too late to continue on to the hospital.

“She was screaming and saying, ‘I think the baby’s coming! I think the baby’s coming,'” said Denny’s employee Linda McClure, who said she rushed to get towels and whatever else they needed.

Then two truckers stepped in and Kaycee was glad for the help as she delivered her big baby boy who had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.

Overdue: Triana was two weeks past her due date when her son Andrew decided he was coming - and fast

The truckers laid Kaycee on the carpet and helped get her baby out.

Kaycee told NBC6 that the truck drivers remained calm and ‘knew what to do’ after the baby came out with the umbilical cord around his neck.

‘Saved my grand-baby’s life’

“I’m still trying to absorb it all, this whole situation,” grandmother Suzanne said. “They saved my grand-baby’s life.”

The 10lb 4oz baby, named Andrew, was born healthy and was shortly released from hospital to join his family at home in Colorado.

One of the truck drivers who helped deliver Andrew has been in contact with Kaycee Triana at hospital, as per the Daily Mail.

The video recreation below shows the extent these two strangers went to save Kaycee’s baby’s life.

I cannot imagine how frightening this must have been for Kaycee, thank goodness these two were on the scene and knew what to do.