Woman used to yoga pants and hair in a bun – after makeover she is revealed as “hot grandma”

The mom you’re about to meet is someone I think all us moms and caregivers can relate to.

She’s raised her four kids and they’ve all left home and now she’s a grandma. But, she’s not used to looking after herself so no longer knows how to.

Meet natural beauty Tricia Bookter, from Atlanta, Georgia, who spends her day in yoga pants, with her hair scraped back in a bun and no make up on.

This is, of course, perfectly acceptable if it makes you happy but Tricia felt like she was too young to be “resigning” herself to this look.

After a visit to Christopher Hopkins, aka “The Makeover Guy” she is barely recognizable and very happy.




Describing her life after raising four kids, Tricia says she has empty nest and admits, “In caring for other people, you don’t really take care of yourself and it’s time, it’s time to take care of me.”

You can tell that even without makeup she is a natural beauty with barely a wrinkle and sparkly green eyes.


She takes her bun out and reveals gorgeous thick locks; every hair stylists’ dream. Yet she complains about the graying at the front.

Tricia admits that although she really loves being a grandmother, she doesn’t want to actually look like everyone’s idea of a stereotypical one.

‘Hot grandma’

“I’m too young to be looking like I look right now,” Tricia says adding she wants to put the “oomph” back into her appearance.

Watch what happens when the oomph is put back in and the “hot grandma” is revealed.

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