Woman wakes up to find herself in body bag after mistakenly declared dead

It was a scene straight out of a horror movie for one South American woman and her family.

Gladys Rodríguez de Duarte, who suffers from ovarian cancer, was admitted to hospital after her blood pressure spiked.

Two hours later the 46-year-old from Paraguay was mistakenly declared dead.

The mom then found herself on her way to a funeral home in a body bag when undertakers spotted that she was actually showing signs of life, ABC Color reports.

Woman, 46, wakes up in a body bag at Paraguay funeral home after ...
The Sun

Her husband, Maximino Duarte Ferreira, was left heartbroken when his wife’s treating physician, Dr. Heriberto Vera handed him and his daughter Gladys’ death certificate.

Gladys was rushed to intensive care where she is said to be in a “delicate but stable” condition, according to ABC Color.

Her husband has reportedly filed a complaint against the doctor claiming the doctor no longer wanted to treat his wife.

“He assumed she was dead and handed her naked to me like an animal with her death certificate,” Maximino told local media.

He claimed that “they disconnected her and passed her off to the funeral home” without even trying to revive her.

Doctors deny the family’s claim adding saying attempts were made to revive the patient but they were unable to locate a pulse, according to the New York Post.

A suggestion was made by medical staff that Gladys may have been suffering from catalepsy, when a a trance or seizure occurs, a loss of consciousness accompanied by rigidity of the body.

Such a nightmare for this poor woman and her family. I hope she can recover quickly from this ordeal.

Let’s share and wish this woman all the good health and happiness.