Woman walks with boy every day, then a stranger looks closer and recognizes their faces from TV

As a mother, nothing makes your heart beat stronger than the love you have for your kids. A mother protects her children at all costs, stands up for her children when she needs to and is prepared to make huge sacrifices to give her kids the best life possible.

However, the devotion and great sacrifices of mothers often go unnoticed. But the little boy we’re going to meet now is well aware of how much his mother loves him.

In Nebraska, as in many other places, there are rules about which kids are allowed to ride the school bus. The rules are designed to help those who live a long way from school, but they can also mean that some kids miss out.

Such a kid was 8-year-old Gabe Bellus. His mom, Kim, is a stay-at home mom and a full-time student. She can’t afford a car, and state law prevents school buses from picking up students who live less than 4 miles from school.

So every day, Kim had to walk Gabe to and from Carriage Hill Elementary School.


Some days it was tough and could take a long time. Gabe would often get tired. Kim worried about cold temperatures, especially when it snowed.

But soon word of the family’s difficult situation and Kim’s sacrifice hit the headlines.


Gabe and Kim became famous in their town when the local TV news station covered their story. Then one morning as they were on their usual long walk to school, a car slowed down and pulled up beside them.


The driver, Becky Novotny, was the mother of a child who went to the same school as Gabe. She has three children of her own and knows exactly how hard it could be to get to school each day, even with a car!

As she drove by, she recognized Gabe and Kim’s faces from the TV news story — and stopped to check that they were the same people. Then she offered to take them home and arranged to start taking Gabe to and from school each day.

“I have three kids. If I was in the same situation, I think I want someone to help me. It’s small town. You’re there for everybody,” Becky told KMTV 3.


This was such a huge help for Gabe and his mom. They no longer have to worry about the tiring journey each day, especially during the very cold months! Gabe has also joined the Boy Scouts and is able to get a ride to the weekly meetings.

Both mothers are wonderful examples of the kind of good deeds we should all be doing to help those in our communities who are struggling. It’s not every day you hear about gestures like this!

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