Woman’s long-lost diamond ring found growing around a carrot

Mary Grams was heartbroken when she lost her diamond ring in 2004 and kept it a secret from her husband.

The mom from Alberta, Canada, had been weeding in her back garden when she realized her ring had come off and was lost in the dirt.

For 13 years the only person she told was her son, who now lives in the former farm of his mom and dad with his wife Colleen Daley.

“We looked high and low on our hands and knees … we couldn’t find it. I thought for sure either they rototilled it or something happened to it,” Mary told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “I cried so many times.”


It wasn’t until her daughter-in-law Colleen Daley went to dig up some carrots for dinner that Mary’s secret and her ring were discovered.

Colleen plucked a carrot from the ground that had managed to grow through the ring.

She rushed in to show her husband and he immediately recognized it as his mom’s lost ring.

Mary, who had bought a cheap replacement ring to hide her embarrassment, was overjoyed that her ring had been found.


Mary, who was 84 at the time the ring was found, said she wishes she had told her husband, who died seven years ago.

He was a joker, she told BBC News, and probably would have found this whole situation pretty funny.

Now that she has finally been reunited with her ring, Mary says she will be more careful.

“If I am going outside or anything I am going to put it in a safe space. That is what I should have done,” she said.

I love that Mary got an extra carat with her carrot; she must have been overjoyed to get it back.

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