Once a year at 11.11am this monument transforms – now watch when the sun reveals the hidden beauty

If you have a loved one who has served in the military, then you understand the sacrifice that these brave men and women make in the name of their country.

The majority of us, whether we know someone who has served or not, have a huge amount of gratitude for our troops. It’s difficult to produce a monument that can truly express the debt we owe to all those who have stepped up to serve their country.

The Anthem Veterans Memorial in Anthem, Arizona, pays tributes to the five branches of the US military, but for 364 days of the year, it is incomplete…


The Anthem Veteran’s Memorial in Arizona is a staggered monument consisting of five pillars. They stand together to represent the steadfast unity of the five branches of the United States military.

Those include the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy, the United States Air Force and the United States Coast Guard.

Anthem Community Council

But there is only one day of the year that the monument forms a complete tribute to the service men and women who have given their lives in the call of duty.

More specifically, this monument transforms the moment the clock strikes a very significant time on an historical date.

Mike Spinelli

At 11.11 am every year on November 11, the sun’s rays pass through the pillars to form a poignant spotlight on The Great Seal of the United States.

Each of the bricks surrounding the monument are engraved with the names of veterans. The red bricks, white pillars and blue sky represent the colors of the United States flag.

Anthem Community Council

The monument was completed in summer 2011 and was officially presented on November 11th that year.

Anthem Community Council

A lot of consideration went into building the monument.

“The angles for the structure were adjusted to provide time/error fluctuation of plus or minus 12 time seconds,” explains Jim Martin, chief engineer of the monument.

“We also checked the variance 500 years out, and if the structure is still standing, it will work.”

Mike Spinelli

What a moving tribute to our brave armed forces.

I truly believe that anyone who has served in the military deserves to be honored. Share this with your friends on Facebook to show respect for all our veterans and service men and women. 

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