Young chef gets the makeover of his life – coworkers can’t believe he’s the same guy

After five years of sporting the same tired, old hairstyle, Alex was ready for something new.

He’s a cook and used to put his hair in a ponytail as soon as he entered the kitchen.

But because he thought that it was finally time for a change, he appealed to the only person in the world who he could rely on: hairdresser Christopher Hopkins.

This expert stylist, also known as ”The Makeover Guy,” quickly realized that Alex’s long hair had to go.

But nobody was prepared for the result.

Alex was only allowed to see himself in the mirror when Christopher was done. And he couldn’t believe that the guy staring back at him in the mirror was the one who sat down in the hairdresser’s chair.

Before Alex settled down in Christopher’s chair, he admitted that life wasn’t going particularly well. Alex works long, demanding shifts at a restaurant, which led him to neglect his personal hygiene.

When Alex explained what he was going for, it was time for Christopher to get working. It took some time, but step by step, a new Alex appeared from under the beard and all that hair…

Although Christopher has given countless memorable makeovers, this transformation left Alex’s friends and coworkers in total shock.

Who was the person who standing in front of them? There’s no way it could be their coworker Alex!

Watch this video to see Alex’s amazing transformation:

Isn’t Alex handsome?

Christopher gave Alex the confidence, charisma and style he was looking for — there’s reason he is called “Makeover Guy.”

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