What happens to stomach fat when you only eat bananas for 4 days

The word “diet” has a negative connotation, and I’m not exactly a fan of them, personally. But the so-called “banana diet” that’s being championed by a lot of nutritionists these days is different.

It only lasts four days and it can help you lose as much as 9 pounds (4 kg). Not only that, but eating a lot of bananas improves your digestion and gives your skin more luster. Want to try it? Here’s how:

While other diets leave you feeling dull and zapped of energy, the banana diet satisfies your hunger and also your sweet tooth. And the best part is that you can eat as many bananas you want, since it doesn’t take many to actually feel full.

Health benefits of bananas

Bananas are 74 percent water, but the fructose and carbohydrates in them give them a reputation as being the weak link of the fruit and berry family. Their health benefits, however, far outshine any negatives.

The carbohydrates in bananas are an amazing source of energy. For example, many people eat a banana just before exercising, giving them the energy they need for peak physical performance.

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Starting the banana diet

Start by bringing home a couple bunches of bananas. They’re the only things, along with water and milk, that you’ll consume over the next four days. The best part is that you can eat the bananas in whatever form you want. Blend them with milk to make a smoothie. Slice them and put them in ​ a bowl or even freeze them to make a cold snack. At mealtimes, eat about three bananas and then eat another every time you feel hungry. At first, you might feel a bit hungry, but your body will quickly get used to it.

What happens to the body on the banana diet

Because your body won’t be getting any other nourishment, you’ll be cleansing and flushing out toxins for the entire four days. Drink a lot of water to maximize this effect. And don’t worry. Because bananas contain serotonin, or the happiness hormone, your mood will stay up during the four days, and you’ll lose both fluid and fat, especially around your waist.

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When I heard about this diet, I was skeptical at first. But after losing close to nine pounds in a few days, I had to share it. It’s perfect for people who want to quickly cleanse their body. Please share it!