Do you drool when you sleep? Then you should read this

Sleeping is a basic requirment that our body needs every day. Therefore, if you want a productive and active life, be sure to have a good night’s sleep every time you turn out the light.

I’ve always found it easy to fall asleep, but that’s not always a good thing, especially if you nod off in public. But why should I worry?


Why do you drool when you sleep?

Drooling while sleeping can be annoying if it interferes with your sleep and not least if you share a bed with someone. Drooling can be due to a number of different things including our sleep position, stress, medication, allergies, a throat condition, to name a few, according to an article in Tomorrow Magazine.

But, it can be for many good reasons such as aiding digestion and disinfecting our mouths.


Is it dangerous to drool?

Sleep position, dental problems, medications and several diseases can all cause you to drool while asleep. But of all the “sleep disturbances” that cause people to drool, it can also be a sign that you’re sleeping well, which in turn leads to happiness.

Indicators that your sleep is restful

Waking up with a pool of saliva on your pillow or your night shirt can be embarrassing, and so many people are ashamed of drooling. But the truth is that it is very common and it can also be an indicator that you have had a good night’s rest.

During our REM sleep or the Rapid Eye Movement part of our sleep this needs to be uninterrupted so we can enter our restful, deep sleep. At this stage, certain neurotransmitters are inhibited to avoid muscle movements that would make us run away from a whatever we’re dreaming about that may cause us to respond with movement. If we drool, it can be an indicator that this has remained uninterrupted and we have experienced a deep and restful night’s sleep.

Sleep seems to be a very important key to happiness, according to an article in The Daily Mail. Sleeping can, for example, increase happiness levels more than a quadrupling of  our salary! Sleep was the strongest indicator of well-being study carried out by U.K grocery store Sainsburys.

So do not be worried or embarrassed if you’re drooling a little bit. There’s nothing to be ashamed of – rather you’re probably happy and doing well!

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