Light a bay leaf in your house and wait 10 minutes – the result will surprise you

You probably think of them as just for cooking, but in recent years more and more people have started to discover the health benefits of bay leaves.

This is welcome news in these times when so many people suffer from serious illnesses. But amazingly, this trick was first discovered by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Best of all? You don’t even need to consume the leaves or do anything special to reap their benefits.  In fact, all you need to do is burn them…

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If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt a sense of inner calm and peace, it might have been the scent of bay leaves that triggered your good mood.

Bay leaves, which are usually used in cooking, have more benefits than just improving the flavor of soups.

And it all started a long time ago…

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In fact, the ancient Romans and Greeks also believed in the healing power of this herb.

They used bay leaves not only in food, but also in medicine. They ingested the leaves fresh or dried and mixed them with water to fight a variety of diseases.

Bay leaves come from the laurel tree, and it’s no coincidence that the laurel wreath is still used today as a symbol of hope, victory and heroism.

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Today, thousands of years later, bay leaves have once again become popular.

Modern research suggests that bay leaves have a calming effect. Studies also suggest that the leaves are analgesic, anti-inflammatory and counteract kidney stones.

Bay leaf oil has antibacterial properties and contains eucalyptol, which can reduce the symptoms of colds and the flu because of eucalyptus’ antiseptic effect on bacteria in the upper respiratory tract.

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So how can you benefit from bay leaves? It’s surprisingly easy.

All you need is a small fireproof container (like a pot), some dried bay leaves and some matches or a lighter.

Then just light a leaf or two. But keep in mind that dried bay leaves burn quickly, so be careful when you light them.

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After a few minutes, a soothing aroma will fill the room.

The scent helps relieve stress and tension and makes you feel more comfortable.

Some people also report that their muscles relax after as few as 10 minutes after burning bay leaves.

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The soothing effect of burning bay leaves has been attributed to methyl eneugenol, a compound found in some essential oils.

But even if you don’t experience any major improvements in your health, at least your house will smell wonderful.

And who doesn’t like a nice-smelling home?

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