Man covered in thousands of tumors says he’s treated worse than a ‘dirty stray animal’

A rare skin condition has left a man without a job, home and having to wear a cover over his face to protect himself from cruel taunts.

Diwakar Bisoye has been dubbed the “bubble skin man” due to the hundreds of tumors that cover his body. He even has a large tumor on his leg that weighs a staggering 56 pounds.

The 65-year-old started to develop the tumors 15 years ago and the condition has caused him to lose his job and his home as he says landlords don’t want him living on the property.

Diwakar, who used to work as a farmer, says he is treated worse than “a dirty stray animal”, and is forced to cover his face to protect himself from cruel taunts, the Metro newspaper reports.

‘Mock and ridicule me’

The east Indian man lives in an isolated village with no access to any treatment for his condition and says he hasn’t been able to work in 15 years.

“People mock and ridicule me directly,” Diwakar said, according to The Metro.

Without a job for 15 years

“They stare at me and avoid me. Most people act very strange around me. No one likes looking at me or being near me.

“People think I will infect everything. Landlords don’t want me living in their property or ask me to leave when people complain about my condition. It’s left me without a job for 15 years.”

LADIES & GENTLEMEN LETS PRAY FOR THIS BROTHER………..GOD OF ISRAEL , OF JACOB , OF ABRAHAM ..SHOW YOUR MERCYDiwakar Bisoye is plagued by a huge four stone tumour

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Dr Subramania Lyer, a professor at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, in Kerala, India, says the condition is a genetic disorder caused by abnormalities in his nervous system.

“This is a hereditary genetic disorder and has at present no medical treatment. The only solution is the surgical removal of the most troublesome swellings.”

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