Mom warns of hidden summer danger – after making nasty discovery on her daughter’s face

Summer is finally here, and what’s more satisfying than hanging out outside all day long?

But what we mustn’t forget is that we need to protect our skin!

Still, when a mother from Newfoundland, Canada applied sunscreen to her 14-month-old daughter’s face recently, she got the shock of her life. Now, she is warning other parents.

The sun’s UV rays can be really dangerous — especially at the beginning of summer. Sunburns are painful, can lead to scars — and in the worst cases, lead to skin cancer. So it’s extra important to use sunblock whenever you spend time outdoors.

But what’s even more important?

Well, first off, when we put sunscreen on our kids, we need to remember that we’re putting chemicals on their sensitive, young skin. And these chemicals can sometimes be even more damaging than the sun itself.

Unfortunately, Rebecca Cannon from Newfoundland, Canada learned this the hard way. She bought a can of spray-on sunblock that was approved for children 6 months and older. She followed the instructions, sprayed it into her hand and rubbed it into her 14-month-old daughter’s face.

What happened next was terrible. As you can see in the picture, her daughter Kyla’s face swelled up. She got burned and had big blisters on her cheeks. This despite the fact that the toddler barely spent any time out in the sun that day.

Posted by Rebecca Cannon on Monday, 8 May 2017


Now, Rebecca is warning other parents via Facebook:

”Please watch and be careful when using aerosolized sunscreen! I have done a lot of research since coming home and have found a disturbing amount of cases like ours. I don’t know why it’s not removed from the shelves!”

After Rebecca’s Facebook update, several other parents have reported the same thing happening to their children.

We hope that the product, Banana Boat SPF 50, is taken off the shelves so that no more children are forced to suffer.

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