Nick Cordero’s wife remains hopeful after husband’s tracheostomy, sets new goal for coronavirus recovery

Amanda Kloots has reported that her husband’s condition has improved slightly, though he is far from ready to return home after a long battle with coronavirus.

According to PEOPLE, Kloots shared on her Instagram stories that her husband, Nick Cordero successfully underwent a tracheostomy procedure.

“He is doing okay. His [ventilator] settings are down, which is good. That’s a really great sign that his breathing is going well.”

“I think the more days he has of this might help his brain to wake up.”

Cordero was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia in the beginning of April. He was later diagnosed with coronavirus and suffered many complications, including amputation of his leg, a temporary pacemaker, and being placed in a medically induced coma.

Throughout his battle with the virus, Kloots has “visited” Cordero every day outside of the hospital, praying, dancing, and hoping for his safe return home.

She said her new goal for him is to have him home in time to celebrate their son’s first birthday. Their son Elvis will turn one in June.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family, and so far $490,000 has been raised.

Friends, family, and Broadway fans around the world have participated in in a daily ritual of singing and dancing to “wake up Nick.” Kloots has asked everyone to sing and dance to Cordero’s “Live Your Life” to show their support for the Broadway actor.

While Cordero is not out of the woods yet, Kloots said she she is not giving up hope yet.

“So the doctor told me that if Nick was in his seventies, we’d be having a different conversation,” Kloots said. “He’s 41, and he’s been fighting. He’s been fighting really hard. We know he’s  literally been thrown every curve ball that he could be thrown. He told me that if it was his brother in there that he would not be giving up hope. So I’m not giving up hope. I’m not giving up hope.”

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