The surprising ways baby powder helps your yard – you’ll want to stock up after reading this

You may think you’re over the days of having a bottle of baby powder in your bathroom cabinet. Your kids are grown and you no longer need it for your little ones.

What you may not know is the many other uses this powerful powder actually has. It may be the reason your neighbor’s yard is looking so good.

So start stocking up on this inexpensive product and read on to discover its many other uses.


Is there anything better than products that have more than one use? Baby powder is a great example of this, at least when it comes to gardening. Here are some problems where baby powder offers a solution.

Photo: Shutterstock. (It does not have to be the baby powder in the image. Any kind of baby powder works.)

1. Get rid of ants

Ants are a real pest in the summer. Most of us spend a lot of our cash on harsh chemicals to get rid of them and stop them invading our homes and yards. But these harmful chemicals can affect the soil. So why not sprinkle some baby powder around the areas where you spot these pesky insects and watch them go.

For some reason ants don’t like baby powder so create that baby powder firewall and they’ll lose their scent trail and eventually die.

Photo: Shutterstock

2. They scare the beetles

It’s not just the ants that enjoy the places they shouldn’t be; beetles tend to love your garden greenery and make a real nuisance of themselves. Try sprinkling baby powder on your plants and you’ll find they are no longer attracted to them and also leave your yard.

3. Protect your hands 

Now you probably wonder how baby powder can improve your garden tools, but it’s actually not as weird as it sounds. If you have a little baby powder on your shovel, hedge trimmer or pruning clippers it will help stop your hands from getting blisters when you’re working hard outside.

4: Soothes tired feet

Since baby powder has an absorbent and softening effect it’s perfect for your hardworking feet. If your feet are sweaty or tired, rub them with baby powder and they will not only smell good but feel softer to the touch.


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It was actually my friend who was telling me about this when I had trouble with ants. Now my garden looks so much healthier. Please share these helpful tips with others.