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Why you should never eat the “clean” part of a moldy piece of bread

Humans have been eating bread for thousands of years. It’s believed that bread making dates back as far as Ancient Egypt around 300 B.C., when bread grains were ground using rocks.

It’s a staple of most meals and some days can be a part of every meal we eat.

There’s nothing more disappointing than planning a delicious sandwich and finding that mold has started to grow on your bread.

What most of us do is cut the moldy part off thinking the rest of the bread is okay. But after learning this I will never do that again.

Here’s what happens if you eat the “clean” part of moldy bread.

It doesn’t feel right to throw food away, especially a delicious loaf of bread. But when you read this you’ll think twice about doing that again.

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There’s no such thing as the “clean” part of moldy bread

According to Tech Insider, eating moldy bread can actually be dangerous for your body and can make you extremely sick.

“Mold is a type of fungus. Like a mushroom, it has a vast number of roots called hyphae that spread beneath the visible surface. Therefore, the whole piece of bread is riddled with mold,” according to Tech Insider.

Eating another slice of the loaf that doesn’t have signs of mold is also dangerous because mold releases spores into the air which can infect the entire loaf.

Basically, there's no such thing as the "clean" part.

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Certain molds are more dangerous that others

Worth noting is that not all  molds are dangerous. We eat mold in other foods such as cheese and soy sauce but some of the mold that grows on bread can be dangerous.

“If you eat it continuously then you can get poisoning symptoms such as vomiting, stomach pain and kidney damage. But it is extremely rare,” according to chief physician Johan Tham.

Johan warns that for people with a weaker immune system eating mold can be “extremely dangerous”.

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