101-year-old mother demands that her son stop the car right away – the reason is just lovely!

There is no age limit on love, happiness, and child-like wonder. Armand was reminded of this while driving his car in the snow with his 101-year-old mother in the passenger seat.

Years of life experience have taught her how important it is to value every minute she’s alive — suddenly, she asked her son to stop the car.

Armand was surprised, but he picked up his camera and filmed his mother as she opened the car door and stepped out into the snow.

What happened next touched Armand’s heart millions of hearts all over the world.


The reason his mother wanted to get out of the warm car and into the cold snow is as simple as is it heartwarming — she wanted to make snowballs and enjoy the beautiful winter weather. It’s wonderful to see this older lady so happy. I hope that everyone has the opportunity at some point to step back and just enjoy a simple moment like this. Thank you, Armand, for sharing this with the world.


Watch the video below and see this lovely lady enjoy the winter wonderland!

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