11-month-old twins keep making each other laugh, but keep your eye on baby in blue

Give people a genuine laugh and you’ve put them at ease and made a quick connection.

I love laughing with my husband and when our relationship suffers, laughter is usually the first things to go.

But there are some situations when we can’t just stop laughing.

In my case, on-going laughter usually happens late at night when I am especially tired, but that’s not always the case.

One thing that is true, though: it’s my favorite kind of laughter and I think these precious babies in the video below know exactly what I’m talking about.

These 11-month-old twins could not control their laughter after looking at each other. They are twins, so they already have a special bond, but this adorable little laugh session brought them even closer together when they went off into a peal of laughter every time one of them glanced at the other.

Once they started laughing, they just couldn’t stop, and they kept egging each other on, continuing the hysterics until they had everyone in the room laughing!

Now keep your eye on the baby on the left – I can’t stop laughing either! ???

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