Brother and sister sing heartbreaking duet, but watch who’s lurking behind their backs

In almost every family you have the ‘class clown’ β€” he or she that is always making the rest laugh. They take every opportunity to make a joke or find the comedy in every situation.

In my family, it was my youngest brother. It didn’t matter what we did together β€” you could be sure he’d find something to make fun of or laugh about. Yes, he ended up in some trouble sometimes, but for the most part he was our family’s own little ray of sunshine.

I think the siblings in this video know exactly what it’s like to have a sibling like that…

When siblings Kate and Liam sat down to practice their duet of the song “Think About You”, mom decided to help out and film. Together, they start singing the song, with younger sister laying down behind them in the bed… but it doesn’t take long before another sibling secretly appears in the background.

Little brother Johnny simply couldn’t resist “participating” in his siblings’ performance. Best of all? The siblings have no clue what’s happening right behind them.

I can’t understand how the mother managed to keep herself from bursting out laughing throughout the recording! Please share if this made your day β€” and don’t forget to pass it on to your own family class clown πŸ™‚