Can you spot what’s wrong with this photo?

Every once in a while the internet goes crazy over some viral image.
It might be a dress where people can’t agree on if it’s golden or blue.
Or it’s a shoe that mig be grey or pink.
Other times it’s a cigar in a wall or some other ordinary object making people go completely bananas.

This time it’s a photo of six girls in bikinis that seem to have people pulling their hair.

At first sight it looks just like any other vacation photo – six happy young ladies posing for the camera on the beach.

Can you spot what’s wrong with it? No? Don’t worry, most people can’t at first. But just like the story of the cigar in the wall, there is something strange hidding.

If you look closely you you’ll see that an Instagram user has edited it so that the face of the man, standing in the background, is  the faces of the women.

Once it has been revealed, the edit seems painfully obvious.

A big round of applause if you could spot it from the start. If you didn’t, please share this with your friends to make their minds spin and hopefully put a smile on their face!