Daughter waddles towards the couple. Now watch when she spots her dad at the altar.

Weddings are probably the most beautiful love statements there are between two people — and I personally think that the presence of children at such occasions make them even more beautiful.

Indeed, it is just so sweet when these two wonderful things meet — and the story below is the living proof of this!


A marriage ceremony is in full effect. A little girl — presumably the flower girl — suddenly appears and begins to walk down the lane towards the altar.

YouTubeBut with so many new faces and everyone looking at her, she is easily distracted from her most important duty of getting to the altar. Obviously feeling both shy and nervous she looks around in an effort to understand what is going on.

Finally, the guests who can’t resist giggling help the little girl along her way, pointing towards her destination and showing her the road.


As she slowly walks in the right direction, she finally spots her father standing at the end of the path, by the altar. Without hesitation, the little girl runs as fast as she can straight into her father’s arms.

Yes, you can undoubtedly say that this is one little girl who really knows how to steal the show!

Watch the adorable series of events in the video below. 

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