Ellen calls her biggest fan – loses it when the 88-year-old reveals her secret

As many of us already know, older people sometimes have very special sense of humor. Perhaps it’s their life experience that gives them a different, more relaxed approach to life.

But whatever the reason, older people can really make us laugh. And for some brilliant proof of that, I just have to share this video of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres talking on the phone with an absolutely hilarious 88-year-old.

Although this video is eight years old, superstar Ellen DeGeneres says it’s still one of her favorite moments in her long and successful television career. The whole thing starts when Ellen gets the idea to ​​call her biggest fan — on live TV.

Ellen, skratt.
Photo: YouTube.

Ellen gets the 88-year-old’s secret

What happens next has the whole audience laughing out loud.

Ellen calls 88-year-old Gladys Hardy of Austin, Texas. She’s undoubtedly a straight shooter, and always has a mischievous glint in her eye. Ellen can barely hold it together when she hears what Gladys has to say. And the whole conversation ends with both the audience and Ellen in stitches.

Watch the hilarious exchange here:

A good laugh is supposed to make you live longer, which is why everyone should see this video. Press the share button below. If it makes just one person laugh today, it’ll be worth it.