Farmer gets fed up with drivers parking on his land – see the brilliant vengeance that’s making everyone smile

Nagging at others is never fun, and I think all of us can relate to that. If only people would listen the first time.

Croatian farmer Pavao Bedekovic can certainly relate. The farmer had repeatedly asked drivers who were using his private land as a parking lot not to park there.

But no one listened — and that’s when he decided to teach them a lesson they’d never forget again.

His solution? As creative as it is brilliant!

Pavao lives and works on a farm in Croatia, and although the large farm is rather secluded, a flea market is often held nearby, attracting the public to his area.

But this had a major inconvenience for Pavao — many visitors, often driving in from other towns or cities, chose to use his land as a makeshift parking lot.

Week after week, Pavao asked the public to park elsewhere, but was ignored. He eventually understood he had to escalate the matter and come with a different solution. And that he did.

He hopped onto his tractor and plowed up soil to create a long trench behind the stretch of cars parked on his land. The result? The cars could not get back out and head on their way after their visit.

Drivers threatened to report Pavao to the police, but because it was his private land, they could do little about it.

His actions may seem a little over the top — but hey, can you really blame the man?

Watch the clip below and judge for yourself:

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