Funny story: Woman who slept with a python lives to regret it

Our pets are just like any other part of the family, and we want them to be on our side all the time – day and night. Too many people mean to let their pets sleep in bed with them.

It can of course be nice to have a dog or cat in bed, but there are some “pets” that should not be allowed to be there. If you do not agree, just take a look at what happened here …

I do not know if you heard this fictional story before, but for me it was the first time I read it, even though it has some different versions online.

Anyway, it has its point I could not help sharing it with you!

One woman was sleeping with her pet every night, a pytonorm.

As you may understand, it turned out that it might not be the best choice as a mate.


Every evening the woman was surrounded by her beloved worm. As she slept on her belly, her beloved pyton spread out along her body, from head to toe. They were nice moments as they shared together. Until she noticed something was wrong.

After a few months, the python suddenly began to stop eating. The woman became worried and took the worm to the vet, to see why she refused to eat they usually loved to sneak in.

It seemed like the snake cooled itself. When the vet asked more about the worm’s routines, she became shocked to hear about their sleep habits.

Tristess Theraphy

After hearing that the woman and the python slept together every night, the vet became completely surprised. The vet asked the woman if the worm lay down her body and creeped up to her sometimes. She confirmed that was the case.

The vet began to explain to the woman that the worm actually made a dimensioning of her. Each time the snake spread out along her body, it was like a kind of exercise. It practiced for her next big meal.

The veterinarian informed the woman that the worm refused to eat – because it prepared for a giant feast: the woman herself.

It turned out that the worm had patiently waited until the perfect time to boot up, in this case – its owner.


Moral of the story

1. Exotic pets like reptiles and insects are unique pets that are nice to have – but put them back in the cage / aquarium / terrarium before turning off the night lamp!

2. The veterinarian in this story is the friend you need in your life who can tell you when you are doing something colossal stupid and life-threatening – but you can not see it because you are blinded by your proximity and emotional relation to the situation. Be humble enough to listen to your close friends and follow their advice!

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