Hippo releases giant fart – clip viewed by over 23 million people

It happens to the best of us — the need to ‘break wind’ every so often. And sometimes, the need hits when it’s not really a good time and you have to run off somewhere private before farting!

Controlling this is not always that easy, but it’s of course the polite thing to do. Farting publicly is not exactly nice for anyone.

But if farting publicly was an Olympic sport — then the hippo in this story would win gold medal!

Hippos are real players in the animal kingdom and belongs, as all wildlife does, home in their natural environment. Unfortunately, not all animals live in the savannah, forest or ocean. Some live in captivity for various reasons.

Of course, this is not ideal at all, but it is unfortunately still a part of the current reality.

“Harry the Farting Hippo”

Animals living in zoos have varying quality of living conditions, but a certain hippopotamus (below) had only one thing to say to the hundreds of people who came to him in his enclosure to take pictures.

And his message is hard to miss!


The famous ‘farting hippo’ is now an internet sensation, with this clip from a zoo visitor spread like wildfire since it was published. Today it has over 23 million views. He has now been nicknamed “Harry the Farting Hippo”.

Check out the video below, and you’ll understand why! Now that’s what it means to ‘release pressure’!

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