Mayor calls police to break up Coronavirus party – cops finds his wife there

Coronavirus means that the vast majority of us are having to make changes to our daily lives. Call it a sacrifice of normality for the greater good.

All across the U.S. people are being warned to self-distance and self-isolate, to stay away from groups and areas of congregation to limit the threat of COVID-19.

But despite the continued warnings and despite fears that the next seven days could claim untold lives, people still gathers and violates the “Stay At Home” order.

In the city of Alton, Illinois, the mayor has had a hard time convincing people to stay indoors. Last weekend, Mayor Brant Walker dispatched the police to break up an illegal coronavirus party, but once the police got to the scene, they had to make a somewhat odd call back to the mayor…

It turned out that Mayor Walker’s wife herself was at the party.

After this embarrassing event, the mayor went out on Facebook and to point out that no one stands above the law … Nor the mayor’s wife.

“At approximately 1am on Sunday morning, I was informed by the Police Chief that the Alton Police Department was investigating and stopping a social gathering in downtown Alton,” he wrote.


Posted by Mayor Brant Walker on Monday, April 6, 2020

“I was also made aware that my wife was in attendance at this prohibited social gathering.”

The Mayor instructed the Chief to treat his wife Shannon “as he would any citizen violating the “Stay At Home” order and make she received no special treatment.

”I am embarrassed”

“My wife is an adult capable of making her own decisions, and in this instance she exhibited a stunning lack of judgement,” the Mayor wrote.

“She now faces the same consequences for her ill-advised decision as the other individuals who chose to violate the ‘Stay At Home’ order during this incident.”

He added: “I am embarrassed by this incident and apologize to the citizens of Alton for any embarrassment this incident may cause our City.”

Good for him for not showing her special treatment. I bet being at home together just got awkward. 😀