Meet Lucas, the world’s cutest little spider that will cure your phobia forever!

I’m afraid of all kinds of spiders and insects. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about them. But now I may have found one that I like!

Even if you hate spiders or have full blown spider phobia, you will love this little fella. An animator named Joshua Slice put this movie together and asked his nephew Lucas to record the voice.

The result is hilarious! I hope the creators of Nemo make a movie about this little creepy crawly.

“This is an animation test for a character I’ve been working on. I am responsible for the design, model, rigging, animation, light and rendering,” writes Slice.

Just watch the clip below and we’re sure you’ll love him, too!

Are you terrified of spiders? Then you’re not alone. Fear of spiders is one of the world’s biggest phobias. But it is possible to cure it – maybe Lucas the spider can give you a nudge in the right direction?

In order to cure phobias, a method called exposure therapy is often used. This means that those who have a phobia are gradually exposed to it what they’re afraid of, thus overcoming their fears.

Research is also being conducted to see whether virtual reality can help with phobias. It’s the same principle as exposure therapy, but instead of real spiders the patient is exposed to the spiders in a virtual environment.

Right now, Lucas is just a cute virtual creature and not part of the research. But why say hello anyway and see if he helps to soothe your fears?

I really hope that virtual reality can help cure my fear of spiders in the future. Because one thing’s for sure: I’d much rather bump in to Lucas the spider unexpectedly than a real spider!

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