This picture shows a group of dogs – but can you see the real one?

If there’s one thing that’s always fascinated and delighted humans, it’s visual tricks and challenges. It can be anything from optical illusions to mathematical problem solving, most of us find it fun to challenge ourselves. Maybe because it pleases our competitive instinct.

This particular puzzle is extra fun – can you guess which dog is real and which ones are stuffed toys in this pile of adorable pups?

I remember my math classes in school. We would spend hours trying to figure out puzzles together. It wasn’t just simple addition and subtraction in our class! That was always the high point of the school day for me.

Find the real dog

Even when it ends in disappointment, it’s always fascinating to find out the answer to a problem you’ve been pondering over.

This puzzle (below) involves guessing which one of the adorable dogs in the picture below is real. There is only one dog here, the rest are stuffed toys. Apparently only 1 in 5 people get this right!

Can you spot the real dog?

Here comes the answer!

This little cutie hid himself among his gang of look-a-likes – he did a great job hiding!

One giveaway is the fur on his head. Look closer and you’ll see it’s a little fluffier than the others!

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