Professor’s prank call gets an unexpected response: The last line is gold…

A psychology professor starts his lecture by telling the students, “Today we’ll learn about the three stages of human emotion: surprise, irritation and rage.”


With that, the professor takes his phone out of his pocket, puts it on speaker, and dials a random number.

“Hello, may I please speak to Dave?” says the professor when the other person answers.

“No, I’m sorry, you have the wrong number,” says the person on the other end.

“You see that students, that’s surprise. Now allow me to show you what irritation sounds like.”

He picks up the phone again and dials the same number. When the person answers, the professor asks.

“Hi, can Dave come to the phone?”

“I told you you have the wrong number.”

“That’s irritation, my friends” says the professor. “Now, let’s look at what rage looks like.”

He picks up the phone and dials the number again. When the person answers, he asks, “Is Dave available?”

“Listen to me, you idiot! If you call this number again, I’ll come over, break that phone in half and stick it where the sun don’t shine! And if it doesn’t fit, I’ll kick it in with my boot!”


The professor is pleased. “And that’s rage,” he says.

“Professor, you forgot the fourth stage,” says a young man in the front row.

“And what might that be?” asks the professor.

“It’s called the stage of total confusion. Allow me to demonstrate.” He approaches the podium, takes the professor’s phone and dials the same number.

“Hello, this is Dave. Has anybody called me today?”


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