Taekwondo girl gets ready to break the plank – has everyone on the floor with her technique

It’s so fun seeing your little ones try new things; it’s so important to expose them to as many different activities and find out what fits them best.

For one little girl, she was about to start her very first Taekwondo lesson, the Korean martial art with a focus on spins, kicks and spinning kicks!

But, for this girl’s first lesson the instructor decided to start with breaking a plank and showed her how to do it with her foot. What she actually did had everyone on the floor. This is sure to make you smile and warm your heart.



Her very first lesson involved breaking a thin wooden board using her foot. Sounds easy for this little one and she looks like she understands what she’s being asked to do.

While her plank-crushing technique wasn’t quite what the instructors had in mind, she lit up the gym with joy and nobody could contain their laughter.


Well they do say you can do anything with a little help from your friends but this little lady needed a lot of friends to help her as all four teachers were around her by the end of her lesson.

Eventually the teachers had an idea and they lift her up and sit her on the plank. Luckily, the girl’s weight was enough to snap it and she ends up breaking the plank after all!

All you can hear is laughter, screams and applause. She finally did it! Even the girl’s father was in hysterics!

It seems Taekwondo may not be the best activity choice for this little one.


Watch this wonderful display in the video below.

Sometimes we have to go against what’s expected of us and do things our way. I think this little girl has a very bright (and entertaining) life ahead of her.

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