Woman gets stopped by police in donut shop – you won’t believe what she then has to witness

Police officers across the U.S. have been showing off their performing skills in the national “Lip Sync Challenge” —  from NY officers taking on a Backstreet Boys favorite to an amazing medley from San Francisco police department which included Pharrel Williams and Justin Timberlake.

But this time it was the turn of the Sherman Police Department of Texas who decided to show off their skills when they decided to bring a classic movie scene —  to a donut shop.


Facebook/Sherman Texas – Classic Town, Broad Horizon

The unsuspecting woman had gone into Hot N Creamy Donuts to grab a sweet treat and found herself surrounded by Sherman PD officers. Thinking nothing of seeing a group of officers in a donut shop she went on to order.

Feeling like they wanted to contribute to the lip sync trend sweeping the nation the group of officers brainstormed a good option for them to perform.

That’s when one of the officers spots the lady at the counter, turns to his fellow officer and says, “Wow. Hey, look at that… She’s lost that lovin’ feeling.”

Another officer says, “no she hasn’t” — but that doesn’t stop the first cop from getting out of his chair and heading towards the customer – and then Officer “Goose” steps into action; I think you’ve probably guessed where this one is going.

At this point the woman is looking slightly confused so the first officer decides to get the performance going.

Using a donut instead of a microphone, the officer starts lip syncing to The Righteous Brothers’ hit “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin.”

Facebook/Sherman Texas – Classic Town, Broad Horizon

But instead of following The Righteous Brothers’ lead he decides to mimic the famous scene from the movie Top Gun lip syncing to Tom Cruise’s voice.

After a moment Officer “Goose” joins in, followed by the entire group of Sherman PD officers all singing just to her; it’s enough to make anyone blush.

Watch this hugely entertaining video below. As you can see so many others have enjoyed it; it’s reached over 7 million views!

Watching this video would make anyone smile; it’s nice to see officers taking a break from the hard and heavy and enjoying some harmless fun. Please share and brighten someone’s day.