Woman sells a brand new Porsche for next to nothing and you’re going to love her explanation why

I have an affinity with stories where I have no clue about the conclusion. Stories that surprises me and put a big smile on my lips.

This hilarious story gives me just that. I don’t know its origin or if it’s true, but laughter is the best medicine, right?

A young man in California, USA, just got his first and moved to his own flat. He have had his driving licence for a couple of years, but never afford a car of his own. He loved cars, so with a job and a steady income it was time for him to get his first, own, car.

For weeks he searched for a car with a good price and in good condition. He called friends, looked for ads in the paper and went to car stores. But he didn’t find what he was looking for and started to feel frustrated. Of course, he knew that there were a lot of cars for sale online, but it was a jungle of different offers and the competition was too hard. He wasn’t rich.
“But hey, maybe it’s my lucky day,” he thought to himself.

He found a lot, but nothing that he could afford. By a coincidence, he visited an ad with an extremely nice car. But the price… He could barely believe his eyes.

What he found was an “almost new” Porsche, in excellent condition. The price? $50. He was certain it was wrong, but even at $5,000 it would have been a bargain, so he hurried to call the woman who had placed the ad.

He dialed her number and waiting for a negative response. This was too good to be true. She answered.

“Yes, I have placed the ad. The price is indeed $50. The car is in the garage. Come and look at it,”, she said.


The fellow was overwhelmed. He still thought it was a dream. That same afternoon he took the bus to go and look at the car. He found the right address and the right house. He was a little nervous. Two knocks on the door and an older woman opened. She showed the way to the garage. And there it was…

It was a beautiful Porsche and, as the ad promised, “nearly new.” He asked if he could drive the car around the block. The woman said, “Of course,” and went with him. The Porsche drove like a dream. The young man peeled off $50 and handed it over, somewhat sheepishly. The woman gave him the necessary papers, and the car was his.

Weeks went by. He enjoyed his Porsche to the full. He showed it to his parents, friends and co-workers. Everyone was in shock when he told them about the price. Finally, the new owner couldn’t stand it any longer. He had to know why the woman would sell the Porsche at such a ridiculously low price.

One day, he decided to visit her house. She was home and opened the door. He asked the question he had to know.

Her reply was simple: With a half-smile on her face, she said, “My husband ran off with his secretary a few days ago and left a note instructing me to sell the car and the house, and send him the money.”

And I can’t stop laughing about this woman’s cheeky decision. What goes around comes around.  

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