This $1.7million bus may not look so remarkable, but watch when the door opens and the inside is revealed

Life on the road may not sound all that comfortable. It’s tight, bumpy, you may lack amenities and you likely don’t sleep all that well.

Yes, for many, it’s actually quite the opposite of what can be called ‘luxury’. But Volkner Mobil has done everything in its power to prove the opposite… by rolling out a $1.7million bus that has every other motorhome out there green with envy.

Not only is the bus equipped with a double bed, full kitchen, spacious living room and heated bathroom, it has its own garage with space for everything from a Ferrari to a Mercedes.

It’s simply a five-star hotel on wheels, and best of all, you can park it wherever you want. Have a look for yourself below, I can promise that you will be impressed!

At first glance, the bus may not look all that unusual.

Volkner MobilYouTube

But wait until the doors open. Inside is a 5-star hotel on wheels!

Volkner MobilYouTube

The bus is worth a staggering $1.7 million – and it’s elegance at its finest. How do you like the fine porcelain in this cozy sofa corner?

Volkner MobilYouTube

Not to mention this fully stocked bar.Volkner MobilYouTube

The motorhome has a fully equipped kitchen…Volkner MobilYouTube

… including dishwasher of course, so don’t hold back on using that fine porcelain! 

Volkner MobilYouTube

It’s fascinating how much fits inside. Such as this suite with double bed and plenty of closet space, for example.Volkner MobilYouTube

The bus’s storage space is in a class of its own. Just check out these extra beds in small cabins with lamp, electrical socket and wi-fi!Volkner MobilYouTube

There is a bathroom with heated floors, gorgeous tiling and a massage shower.

Volkner MobilYouTube

Yes, I sure wouldn’t mind spending a few nights here!Volkner MobilYouTube

But wait – there’s more: a garage with electro-hydraulic lift, which can carry your luxury cars on the journey!Volkner MobilYouTube

Take a full tour of this amazing motorhome in the video below. It’s just too awesome!

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