12 brilliant tricks you can do with toilet paper rolls that work wonders in daily life

Here’s a tip: never throw away your used toilet paper rolls.

Why, you ask? Because of all the amazing things you can do with them!

Did you know, for example, that you can use a toilet paper roll to help you vacuum better? Or to get your barbecue started?

Here are 12 smart tricks you can do with toilet paper rolls that will make your life better.

1. Cable holders


Tangled extension cords, USB cables and other wires are annoying. An easy trick to clean them up is to use toilet paper rolls as cable holders. Mark them so you can keep track of what cords belong to what.

2. Vacuum cleaner nozzles


Sometimes your vacuum cleaner can’t get into every nook and cranny. When that happens, extend your vacuum cleaner nozzle with a toilet paper roll. It works brilliantly — just look at the picture!

3. Cell phone holders


You don’t need to spend money on an expensive cell phone holder. All you need to do is make one yourself. Cut a rectangular hole in a toilet roll and stick four thumb tacks in the bottom for legs. Your new cell phone holder will be as beautiful as you make it!

4. Bird feeders


This is a brilliant idea! Roll a toilet paper roll in bird food and hang it in a tree. Keep in mind that you need something to make the birdseed stick to the roll. How about peanut butter? The birds will love it!

5. Gift boxes


Want to surprise that special someone with a small gift! Fold a toilet paper roll to make a perfect package. With some nice colors and a string, you’re done!

6. Wrapping paper holders


Continuing the gift theme… Toilet paper rolls are great for keeping your wrapping paper tidy. Just cut down the length of each roll so it will fit your gift wrap!

7. Barbecue starters


Toilet paper rolls are perfect for starting your grill. Fill them with dryer lint or paper and your barbecue will start right up. It’s an environmentally friendly way to go, too!

8. Yarn rollers


This is so great! Attach a toilet roll to a mixer, put a beater in one end of the roll, wrap the end of your yarn to it and start the mixer. Your yarn will be ready in no time!

9. Planters


You can’t get more environmentally friendly than these planters! Fill a toilet paper roll with soil and drop a seed in. Perfect for getting your tomatoes, string beans and peas started.

10. Hair curlers


You can get perfect curls with toilet paper rolls. Just roll up your hair in them and attach them with hair clips like in the picture above.

11. Pen organizers


This is perhaps the easiest trick, because you don’t have to do anything. Just grab a box, fill it with toilet paper rolls and you’re ready to organize your pens, pencils and markers.

12. Bathroom air freshener


Take your favorite fragrance and put a little on a toilet paper roll. Your bathroom will smell fresh for a long time!

I’ll never throw away toilet paper rolls anymore. Imagine how much you can do with them! Please share the article on Facebook to show your friends all these brilliant tricks!

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