16 tips that aren’t ethical, but will ensure you’re winning in life

Let’s face it life is hard; it’s an upward struggle where we’re constantly fighting rules and regulations that often make no sense to us.

I’m all for making life easier and it’s important to surround ourselves with people who always look on the bright side of life.

But, what about those people that have found genius ways to get the most out of life?

A list that appeared on Reddit recently offers pages of handy tips and advice that may not be the most ethical but will ensure you stay ahead of the complicated game of life.

Here a just a few ‘Life Pro’ tips that will appeal to all ages and all situations in life.

Buy a traffic cone and use it to reserve parking for yourself. Most people will be too afraid to move it.

You can’t afford to buy a car, but your parents refuse to help you? Tell them you’re going to buy a motorcycle because you don’t have enough money for a car.

If you want to call in sick and need a note from the doctor, you can often triple the duration of the timing on your note by telling the doctor that you’re working in the food industry.


Try to trick your kid on the internet into giving you their money. If it works, it will teach your kid a lesson about safe online behavior and you’ll get a payment for your teaching job.

Don’t want to pay for parking again? Get a parking ticket one time and just keep slipping it under your wipers wherever you park.

In your last year of college “lose” your student ID and get a new one. The expiration date will reset and you can get another 4 years of discounts

Send your wedding invitations to all the millionaires whose addresses you can find. Their assistant might send you presents without realizing who you really are and where their boss knows you from.

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Don’t want to talk to a spam call? Answer the phone and say “local police department” they usually hang up right away.

When going for an interview, get 2 or 3 of your friends to sign up for it too and tell them to give the stupidest interview ever. Then, your chances of getting the job will be way higher.

Whenever there’s a celebrity in town try to go and get an autograph or something even if you’re not a fan. Real fans living far away pay good money for such items. Ask a friend to take a picture at that time to add authenticity.

Do you have a hard time keeping your little ones busy? Hide 4 pieces of candy in your home, but tell them that you’ve hidden 5.

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If you need a water bottle or umbrella, go to your local university’s lost and found. These are probably the two most commonly misplaced or forgotten items by college students.

Are you going on a date? Tell your date in advance that you have a very tight schedule. If everything goes fine, you can pretend that you’ve rescheduled all your important meetings and the person will be flattered. But if the date goes wrong, you’ll have the perfect excuse to leave.

If you have a favorite restaurant, tag it in Google as a place that’s not good for children. This way, you’ll avoid noisy children during your meals there.

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Best Life

Some of these are genius and some are obvious, but overall it reminds us that what we are told to do isn’t always what we have to do, there is an easier way!

Please share these genius tips with your friends and family, they will thank you for it.