5 filthy mistakes people make when cleaning their towels

Most of us can probably agree that at least once a week we attempt to clean our homes. Not always easy with the fast-paced life that most of us lead.

But when it comes to keeping bath towels and kitchen towels fresh the answers tend to differ.

When is a good time? For some it’s every week for others it’s when they smell.

But it seems that I’ve been doing it wrong all along. Read the 5 mistakes that many of us make with our towels, and how we should wash them instead.

1. Wash them infrequently

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You may think you’re washing your towels regularly and it doesn’t matter if we skip a week if the washing pile is already too high, but apparently this is a mistake.

In fact, you should wash your bath towels after only  3-4 uses , because a damp bath towel attracts bacteria and can quickly become smelly.

For kitchen towels, or towels hanging next to the sink in the bathroom they should be washed even more frequently.

They should be replaced as often as every other day  because they are hanging in areas where bacteria thrives and more people are using them.

2. Hanging several towels on the same hook

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A common mistake that makes the towels get dirtier quicker is if they are hung too close together.

If the towels are not allowed to air properly, dirt will remain. This in turn leads to bacteria which is the perfect breeding ground for mold.

If you want the towels to stay cleaner for longer then make sure they are hung away from other damp towels or better still over a towel dryer.

3. Wash towels at low temperatures

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If you do wash your towels frequently make sure you’re washing them properly.

Washing them at a temperature lower than 60 degrees may mean you’re not killing all of the bacteria.

A good tip is to check the washing instructions and then wash the towels at the temperature suggested to ensure you have the cleanest and freshest of towels.

4. Adding too much detergent and rinse aid

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After reading about how quickly bacteria can build on your towels, you’d be forgiven for thinking you should use a lot of detergent and fabric softener.

But actually towels are made to absorb excess liquid so if you overdo it with detergents, they will absorb the excess which may not rinse out properly attracting more bacteria and mold.

The same applies to fabric softeners, so add the recommended amount or skip that step completely.

5. Not shaking the towels

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Last but not least – don’t forget to shake your towels when you take them out of the washing machine and/or dryer.

Shaking the towels after they are washed and dried is something most of us don’t do but it helps to get rid of any dust and left over detergent.

Please share these tips with loved ones so they also know the best way to keep their towels as fresh and clean as possible.