7 ingenious ideas: never throw your old toilet rolls away; here’s why

Most of us finish a toilet roll and think nothing of throwing it away, or recycling it (I hope). After all, why should we keep a small tube of cardboard?

Well it may surprise you to know that there is a growing trend for re-using these seemingly unimportant items.

With a little imagination, it is possible to turn an empty toilet toll into something that serves a purpose in your home – and it requires no advanced creative skills or a lot of your time.

Just check out these 7 very smart tips from people who have thought of ingenious ways of reusing old toilet rolls – and don’t forget to share these handy hints to help inspire others.


Image source: Shutterstock

1. Flowerpot

Because toilet rolls are made of cardboard, they are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than, say, plastic. So why not use them as small flower pots for your seeds and plants?

Just fold in the ends so they are sealed and have a stable foundation, and then fill with seeds and soil. It’s fun too!

Image source: Shutterstock

2. Hair curlers

The hair curlers are a must among every girl’s styling tools, especially for that special occasion.

But did you know that toilet rolls make excellent curlers? Just curl your wet or dry hair around them and secure with a bobby pin. So smart!

Hair rollers. Roll dry hair up in TP rolls instead of curlers. Secure with bobby pins and leave in for about an hour. When you take them out, your hair should be fuller with a little wave at the bottom. Personally, this did not work that well for me, but others swear by it, so why not give it a try? If nothing else, your husband will get a good laugh out of it. #Vocalpoint

3. Cord storage

Loose wires in drawers look so messy. They are always tangled and get caught up in everything else you have stored. It seems impossible to keep anything tidy where there are loose cords nearby.

Did you know a toilet roll can provide the perfect solution to this? As you can see in the picture below, they provide the perfect storage for your cables and cords and keep them neatly in place.

4. Gift wrap

I always have a problem with storing wrapping paper and find that after I’ve used it, it’s difficult to roll back up neatly.

But by putting a toilet roll over the paper, you can keep it securely in place without any fear that it will become unraveled again.

5. Bird feeder

These circular pieces of cardboard also come in handy in your yards, by using them as bird feeders.

Cover a toilet roll in peanut butter and then roll it in bird seeds. The seeds will then attach to the roll, which you can hang up on the balcony or in the garden so that the birds can enjoy a whole smorgasbord of goodies!

6. Beautiful decorations

What hangs on the walls can change your feeling about an entire room, but unfortunately fancy paintings and decorations can be expensive.

So why not just do it yourself? This trick for making your own wall decoration is both simple and effective – and all you need is toilet rolls, scissors and a little glue!

Image source: Imgur

7. Phone holder / speaker

Last but not least: this tip is something that we could all use.

Decorate your roll with any paper or painting that you like. Then cut a slit in the top big enough to hold your phone securely. Make sure it’s not too big.

Attach colorful push pins in the bottom to create the perfect stand and enjoy a secure place for your phone.

I find this comes in very handy when I’m following a recipe on my phone and my hands are messy. It also works well when I’m playing music!