The perfect solution to a frozen windshield in winter and it’s so easy

The winter is a season that can be magical in so many different ways and a season I really appreciate.

But the inconvenience of dealing with cold weather often means it can take forever to get out of the house in the morning. Starting with all the layers you have to wear and then instead of being able to jump in your car and head out, you may also have a frozen windshield to deal with.

Standing and scraping a windshield is not only time consuming but very boring, or you can turn your engine on and wait for it to clear the windows which also feels like a huge waste of time and costly.

But now I have learned that there is a faster and more effective way to defrost your windshield.

The solution to tackle the problem is simple and effective. Here meteorologist Ken Weathers shows us how it works in the video below.

The clip has already been viewed by hundreds of thousands on YouTube, and when you see how quickly the frost disappears from the window you’ll understand why.

frost, bilruta, knep
Photo: YouTube

You will need:

2 parts isopropanol or rubbing alcohol
1 part water

frost, bilruta, knep
Photo: Youtube


1. Mix together two parts isopropanol with one part water and pour the solution into a spray bottle.

2. Take the bottle and spray the liquid over your frosty car window. You will see results immediately!

3. Then just save the liquid in your car until next time as you don’t have to worry about the mixture freezing.

frost, bilruta, knep
Photo: Youtube

The reason that the trick works is because isopropanol has a freezing point 128 degrees below freezing so you can always keep this mixture in your car and it will never freeze.

Keep in mind, however, that you must never use hot water to defrost your windshield as it may break the glass. Alcohol solutions can, in the worst cases, damage the color of your car, so be careful when spraying!

Here you can see meteorologist Ken Weathers demonstrating this genius method:

There are many people out there who don’t have a garage to put their car into overnight so this simple trick is perfect for the cold winter months.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. They’ll thank you for it.